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...a symphony of colorful mountain scenes and sea reflections...

The region of Kavala has it all. A symphony of colorful mountain scenes and sea reflections, it has verdant mountains, quaint beaches, the splendid Delta of the River Nestos, a coastal zone rich in marine life, mountain springs and endless forests that offer habitat to many rare species of the Greek fauna and flora.

On magnificent Mt. Paggaio, visitors will find an organized ski center and dozens of traditional villages, untouched samples of the architecture of yesteryear. The village taverns serve tradi-tional dishes and "tsipouro", the local fire-water. The mountain slopes are dotted with thriving monasteries, such as the nearly two-thousand-year old Monastery of Ecosifinissa.

Nature reveals itself at the mountain village of Lekani: arched bridges, oak forests, trekking and four-wheeling. The Nestos River with Stena and the magic of its Delta is at a short distance from there. Accommodation is available at traditional guest -houses and the local cuisine is quite palatable.

The islands of Thassos, Thassopoula and Fidonissi are the sea jewels of Kavala.