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 Built on two hills in a semicircle round its modern harbor, Kavala is a beautiful city with amazing views over its azure gulf. In the shadow of a 15th century medieval castle, the old city, Panagia as the locals call it, is unique with its narrow alleyways. Human intervention has been minimal, so the neighborhood has preserved its original character. The House of Mehmet Ali, the Imaret, the Lighthouse and the medieval aqueduct are well worth a visit. Inhabited since the Neolithic Era, Kavala is ideal for pleasant strolls and leisure activities adjusted to the town's easy, unhurried pace.

The archaeological site at Phillippi offers visitors an opportunity for rich knowledge. St. Paul passed through here. This is where he established the first Christian Church in Europe and baptized the first Christian in Europe, Lydia. At a short distance, in Krinides, visitors can benefit from the healing properties of the famous "Laspoloutra" (mud baths).

Kavala is easily accessible equally by land and air, served by "Megas Alexandras" airport in Chryssoupoli. Frequent ferry and "flying dolphin" schedules connect Kavala with several Aegean islands and Thassos.